Our Story

From little things, big things grow

Susan and Macca saw a need for an innovative mental health support service that would be different from any other. They were unsure of what this would look like, but they leapt into the unknown with the thought that “build it and they will come.” So in March of 2020, that’s exactly what they did. Macca, a tradie, and Susan—who had worked in real estate—unknowingly transformed what once was a rundown house into the empire we now know as Compass House and has now expanded into Compass Hub which opened late in 2023.

The Compass House logo

At Compass House, we believe that every person’s journey is unique and just like the compass, there is no wrong way when it is forward. We work with you to support and encourage as you choose your life’s direction towards better mental wellness, even if it takes many tries. The Compass’s colours represent the fact that mental health affects people of all races, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We welcome everyone regardless of where they come from.

No place like home

We are a small family owned and operated business that provides mental health support within our local region. We are committed to staying current with the latest events, resources and training that will help us serve you the best we can. We are dedicated to the wellness of individuals by not only utilising our services on offer and offering guidance, friendship, encouragement, intervention and education but also tapping into local services to collaborate with, ensuring your support stays local and personalised. With all this in mind, we aim to create a smaller, safe space that feels like a big warm hug when you enter.

Our Core Values:

  • To deliver a wide variety of programs and services to support individuals impacted by mental health illnesses and to improve the quality of their lives.
  • To promote mental health and well-being for individuals through education and training.
  • To educate the public about mental health and mental illness; working to eliminate stigma, labels and prejudice.
  • To provide a safe, inclusive space at COMPASS HOUSE for individuals living with mental health conditions.
  • To celebrate the achievements of people living with mental health conditions.
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