Our Services

Centre Activities

We offer a variety of activities using a person centered approach within our Compass House and Compass Hub.

Our Activities are designed to be flexible, so that we can accommodate the needs of our groups. We rotate through a Summer and Winter schedule and contain activities specific to events, holidays and awareness days.

By regularly completing satisfaction surveys and checking in with each person, we can ensure that our efforts are meeting the needs and goals of all who participate.

Click Here to see our Activity Schedule.

Community Access & One to One

We provide individual support to help people access the community, such as attending events and appointments. We also offer assistance within the home and in daily living activities.

Our staff are experienced, qualified and well trained. We keep them up to date with training so they can adapt to support in any circumstance.

Community and Events

Compass House is committed to staying active within the community by attending events and collaborating with other services within our region.

We take every opportunity to offer experiences such as outings to local zoos, parks and events.

Compass Annual Skill Building Trip

Compass House has successfully pulled off two major skill building trip with our group, and we look forward to many more.

These skill building trips serve many purposes such as booking tickets, developing a savings plan, using public transport and following a schedule. While being supported, we can work on regulating emotions and building resilience in areas that may be triggering or cause anxiousness.

We form and build on friendship and feelings of belonging by spending quality time together, cooking meals, navigating new areas or engaging in exciting group activities. This is by far the most rewarding part of these skill building trips.

*Open to Compass House participants only. 

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