How We Are Different

We are so very excited to be able to bring a purpose-built centre specifically to help those with mental health conditions.

The logo was designed with this in mind: Compass… there is no up nor down, no right or wrong way, there is your journey and we will be there to guide you along that journey. The colours… mental health does not discriminate, it touches all. The logo is slightly tilted as everyone is not straight up and down – they have their own quirks.

A great day at Compass House can be as simple as having had a belly laugh and a smile during the day.


Our key staff have had many years of experience in Mental Health Community Centres.

Mental Health does not discriminate – it affects all ages, sex, religions and races; it is because of this diversity that one solution will not fit all.


Compass House’s point of difference is it’s personalisation – in the programs and experiences offered, and the staff employed.

We don’t just roster the first available support worker: Whenever possible, we match the participant with the support worker.

We encourage participation and regularly seek feedback from participants and their supporters for ways to adapt and evolve Compass House programs and services. Your suggestions are welcomed and acted on.

Natural Environment

A beautiful in-ground swimming pool sets us apart. Well established trees provide a great deal of shade to relax under and the green grass space is excellent for meditation, yoga and sport. The outdoor space is also brilliant for art experiences and as our veggie garden takes shape, participants will be learning how to grow their own food and using it in their daily cooking.

Our Diverse Programme

As part of our programme,  participants prepare meals and snacks (we provide the food for lunch and afternoon tea), compost food and set up and maintain the garden beds.

We have local artists conduct weekly interactive programs ranging from painting to sculpting – we will be encouraging the participants to do some large wall art under the watchful eye of our jolly artist.

Massage and meditation – it’s important to learn skills to help quieten the mind. Our visiting therapist can help you with this in either our quiet room or in the outdoor space.

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